Android 11 AOSP Changes

Changes from 11.0.0_r19 (RQ1A.201205.008) to 11.0.0_r20 (RQ1A.201205.010):

Warning Releases with no significant changes other than version bump in platform/build component are likely to only feature proprietary binary blob (e.g. firmwares) changes.

Newly Added Components (0):


Removed Components (0):


Updated Components (3):

  • platform/build with 2 change(s)
    • a95305b : Version bump to RQ1A.201205.010 [core/]
    • 3175c17 : Version bump to RQ1A.201205.009 [core/]

  • platform/development with 1 change(s)
    • 32aada6 : Updating build-tools package revision number to ship a hot fix for b/169193089 Bug: 169193089 Change-Id: I025c0d96e77b7355baddac935779c6b27f3042e3 Test: N/A (cherry picked from commit 81daa265586000bc83aec913db102786fd62e036)

  • platform/packages/apps/DocumentsUI with 1 change(s)
    • 781e75a : Add QueryAllPackages to DocumentsUI