Android Gingerbread AOSP Changes

Changes from 2.3.6_r0.9 (GRK39C) to 2.3.6_r1 (GRK39F):

Warning Releases with no significant changes other than version bump in platform/build component are likely to only feature proprietary binary blob (e.g. firmwares) changes.

Newly Added Components (0):


Removed Components (0):


Updated Components (7):

  • device/samsung/crespo with 1 change(s)
    • 0a24d46 : kernel + wifi update: gpu only

  • device/samsung/crespo4g with 1 change(s)

  • platform/build with 8 change(s)

  • platform/external/bouncycastle with 3 change(s)
    • 8dfe782 : Blacklist two additional DigiNotar intermediate CAs
    • d1f1330 : Add Chrome-style public key blacklist to CertPathValidator
    • 3c52470 : Blacklist two additional DigiNotar intermediate CAs

  • platform/external/libnfc-nxp with 5 change(s)
    • 6900b4e : Patch to add Secure Download Mechanism in the libnfc
    • df82c4d : Patch to add an API to load a FW image in the libnfc
    • 34caeca : Patch to support multiple connection on Multiple protocol TAG
    • 7623b0c : Don't set ARM flags for non arm builds
    • 967359c : Patch to support the new PN544 firmware events

  • platform/frameworks/base with 4 change(s)
    • 1524cad : one more api missed
    • 61ae88e : missed part of
    • a5e3ede : missed aidl change in previous merge
    • 42a4501 : bring nfc-extras up to date (same as gingerbread)

  • platform/packages/apps/Nfc with 11 change(s)
    • d77e05f : Patch to perform a download at NfcService boot time
    • 2c3f9be : Patch to manage TARGET_LOST status in case of Multiple protocol tag
    • 04a29c8 : Prevent SE from being opened while target is in field.
    • 7aedb9c : Patch to enable the Card Emulation detection mechanism
    • eab09ad : - Properly initialize NfcService.mEeRoutingState to ROUTE_OFF . This allows NfcAdapterExtras.getCardEmulationRoute() to properly return ROUTE_OFF when the service restarts.
    • c91dcc5 : Do not write to EEPROM when turning screen on/off.
    • e7a398f : Do not change NFC on/off preference while executing SE reset.
    • 2c37e6a : Patch to support New PN544 firmware events in the NfcService
    • 5a8844d : NfcService updates for NfcAdapterExtras API change.
    • 85a8366 : Set the transceive timeout to 10s when executeSeReset() is called
    • 84e1e0a : Reset the SE when a package that accessed it is uninstalled.