Android Lollipop AOSP Changes

Changes from 5.0.0_r5 (LRX21Q) to 5.0.0_r6 (LRX21T):

Warning Releases with no significant changes other than version bump in platform/build component are likely to only feature proprietary binary blob (e.g. firmwares) changes.

Newly Added Components (0):


Removed Components (0):


Updated Components (5):

  • device/lge/mako with 1 change(s)
    • 4503918 : Move wifi setup script from main to late_start

  • platform/build with 3 change(s)

  • platform/cts with 28 change(s)
    • c472edb : Revert "CTS Verifier: hide AID prefix reader test if no support"
    • c1f2e70 : Bump CTS verifier to 5.0_r1
    • 4c70656 : CTS Verifier: hide AID prefix reader test if no support
    • fcd236f : Hide sample test from the test list
    • 3594bd4 : Cts Verifier: clarify item # projection scrolling list test
    • 0a62e4a : CTSverifier BLE tests, feature flag added & test disabled
    • 05175d1 : Disable CTS verifier tests not relevant to televisions
    • 61587dc : Run CTS verifier sensor tests only when there is a sensor
    • 5c8df65 : Clean up managed user tests
    • 3bebadb : Disable bluetooth toggle test for devices with leanback UX
    • 9fbb75e : Allow hidden features in L to not fail the features CTS verifier test
    • ca51a01 : Fix derived plan.
    • 4f07b55 : Added required features to location mode tests.
    • 3a64fee : Excluded irrelevant tests for Android Watch devices
    • 6d60cec : Add Features expected in Lolliop and Kitkat Watch platform versions
    • 35df914 : CTS Verifier:Fix timing issue for Ble Client Connect
    • fa8bd10 : Bump CTS tradefed version to 5.0_r1
    • 35e4650 : Build and install the list of preqreqs by ABI.
    • 1054ec5 : Add DEQP3.0 tests to the sub-plans
    • 41e3d15 : Add tests for UsageStats API to knownfailures.
    • a80d874 : Triage android.Jobscheduler tests
    • 274675f : Camera2: relax the sensitivity range max required value
    • 6aae640 : ABI Related bug fixes
    • 1084ee5 : Set the max number of allowed errs to be 3. (fix bug in fugu)
    • 490ac2c : Auto-pass when device does not support multi-advertising.
    • 1bcef59 : CtsVerifier: fix orientations in camera tests
    • e31e505 : Disable notification tests on watches and TVs.
    • f7b6f21 : Add a test for none-mode filtering.

  • platform/external/deqp with 9 change(s)
    • 4218185 : Remove highp vec4 dot case from mustpass by request from IHV
    • 0d06eb4 : Update test spec.
    • 5b31be7 : Use invalid sample count in renderbuffer_storage_multisample negative case.
    • 73dec1d : Fix early fragment test tests on default fb without depth.
    • 9fc1be9 : Fix framebuffer completeness tests with sRGB targets.
    • 91b8eb8 : Reduce and verify fragment output PIQ test draw buffer usage.
    • 820dffe : Fix JNI usage issues in Android TestLogParser
    • b2eb255 : Remove invalid assert from RenderActivity::setThread()
    • fd4b05e : Add blend barrier after first opaque quad

  • platform/frameworks/av with 1 change(s)
    • 4aad836 : audioflinger: fix duplicating thread output buffers clear