Android Nougat AOSP Changes

Changes from 7.1.0_r2 (NDE63L) to 7.1.0_r3 (NDE63N):

Warning Releases with no significant changes other than version bump in platform/build component are likely to only feature proprietary binary blob (e.g. firmwares) changes.

Newly Added Components (0):


Removed Components (0):


Updated Components (4):

  • platform/build with 2 change(s)

  • platform/frameworks/base with 10 change(s)
    • ef2342c : Continue if package is not in system
    • 09308ed : Rematch wifi networks when the avoid bad wifi setting changes.
    • 696aa77 : Add debug output for bad wifi avoidance restrictions.
    • 1571c02 : Support "don't ask again" in the avoid bad wifi dialog.
    • 8e64c01 : Update the avoid bad wifi settings on the handler thread.
    • faaf4dd : Disable network switching toasts on Verizon.
    • 5ac8336 : Unit tests for avoid bad wifi networks setting.
    • 44b8539 : Support displaying a dialog when wifi becomes unvalidated.
    • b66dd29 : Support ignoring penalty for bad wifi networks
    • ed16395 : Explicitly pass old score to updateCapabilities

  • platform/frameworks/opt/telephony with 1 change(s)
    • b7f55af : Add stub of avoidUnvalidated() to ConnectivityServiceMock.

  • platform/packages/apps/Settings with 5 change(s)
    • 08c1b19 : Add a "Don't ask again" checkbox to the avoid bad wifi dialog.
    • c973c55 : Bad Wi-Fi: Change strings to carrier specs
    • 3ecb2c8 : Add a "Cellular data fallback" pref.
    • aeecc29 : Fix unintended modification of the NO_INTERNET dialog.
    • bd33c26 : Support displaying a dialog when Wi-Fi loses Internet access.